Monthly Archives: February 2019

Cisco Fixes High-Severity Flaw in Webex Again

Cisco has fixed a high-severity vulnerability in its Webex video conferencing platform for the third time. At this, Cisco Systems is expecting three times charm fixing it once again. The networking giant has announced a third fix for a obstinate high-severity vulnerability in its Webex Meetings platform soon after the analysts detected once again a method to bypass the last patch.

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High Risk Flaws Fixed in GPU Display Drivers By NVIDIA

NVIDIA has announced a security news for the display driver of NVIDIA GPU, to state various High severity flaws influencing NVS, Quadro, GeForce, and Tesla products. The GPU maker stated that a total number of eight security flaws were mentioned in this round of fixes, among them five of which have a CVSS 8.8 score. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could chance to code implementation, Denial of Service of advantages on the impacted systems.

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Previous Week’s Review on Security Threats

Review over the last week’s major vulnerabilities on security are coming up that had been occurred in various parts across the globe. All those are described here for the readers who might have missed to read them when the violation had took place. So, people can have an over view on those security attacks and significant steps taken to resolve the security flaws accordingly.

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Drupal Is Prone To Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Admins of the website are today forced to update their Drupal installations pursuing the revelation of a possibly crucial flaw in the web publishing software. And when we state possibly critical, we plan, someone can possibly hack and hijack your website through this vulnerability. The security flaw, appointed CVE-2019-6340, is a distant code execution vulnerability reasoned by Drupal neglecting to absolutely check information data from RESTful web services.

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GitHub Expands Scope and Increases Bug Bounty Program Rewards

GitHub has determined to expand rewards and increase the scope of its bug bounty program after paying an amount $250,000 in bug bounties last year in 2018.

GitHub exposed on Tuesday that previous year it paid out a sum of $165,000 to investigators who participated in its national bug bounty program. Security professionals merely earned remarkable money through private bug bounty programs of GitHub, investigator aids, and a live attacking event. The attacking event happened in August in Las Vegas and it emerged in the discovery of forty three flaws, for which the company paid out about $75,000.

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