Monthly Archives: February 2019

Cyber Attack on Bank of Valletta Suspends Entire Operations

Hackers breached Maltese Bank of Valletta and it had immediately suspended entire operations temporarily to minimize threat causes and evaluated its systems. The bank shut down its branches all over the island, moreover the ATM services, internet and mobile banking were disabled. They warned their customers to prevent using Bank of Valletta cards for payments purposes in any online stores, restaurants, or hotels etc.

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Microsoft Fixes Over Seventy Flaws Including IE Zero-Day

Microsoft fixes more than seventy flaws comprising of an Internet Explorer vulnerability that Google analysts have detected being exploited in threats. The zero-day flaw is trailed as CVE-2019-0676 and it has been narrated by Microsoft as an information revelation issue that presents due to the procedure Internet Explorer manages objects in memory.

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Different Open Source Container Systems Affected

A security flaw that impacts various open source container management systems, containing  Amazon Elastic Container Service and Amazon Linux, has been revealed by AWS.

Security analyst, Adam Iwaniuk identified the flaws reportedly, Aleksa Sarai and Borys Poplawski would permit an actor along with very less user action to “overwrite the host runc binary and thus gain root-level code execution on the host.”

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Severe Code Execution Vulnerability Discovered in OpenOffice

An analyst has detected a severe distant code execution flaw impacting the open-source productivity suites likely Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice, however a fix has merely been announced for the former.

Researcher named Alex Inführ identified that a harmful attacker could employ particularly crafted documents to implement absolute code without any alerting message being observed by the sufferer. The entire targeted user requires to perform is open a harmful ODT file and take the mouse anyplace over the document.

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