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National Security Agency Releases Free Public Reverse Engineering Tool

NSA – The United States National Security Agency designs to generate a reverse engineering tool that has been created and it is available for free public use in upcoming months. The tool, Dubbed GHIDRA will be exhibited at RSA Conference 2019 that will be held in San Francisco this year at beginning of March. The platform is devoted to comprise of high-end support and capabilities for various operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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API Vulnerability Revealed Images of 6.8 Million Users of Facebook

Facebook exposed that a vulnerability associated to its Photo API could have permitted third-party apps to access photos of users on Friday, even ones that were guessed to be exclusive. Its internal team exposed a vulnerability in the Photo API according to the social media giant that influenced customers who had used Facebook credentials and permitted third-party apps to access their images.

Applications that are provided access to images are averagely permitted to access merely photos shared on a timeline of users. But, due to this hole, the developers could have acquired access to other images as well, containing ones shared on Facebook Marketplace or through Stories, or images that were merely uploaded to the social media service but not posted.

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Thousands of Organizations Leak Sensitive Records via Public Google Groups

Google has warn to G Suite users after researchers determined that thousands of companies leak sensitive data through misconfiguration of Google Groups occurrences. The Google Groups service lets users to generate diverse options including mailing lists, process support tickets, and host internal discussions. All such kinds of communications can contain highly sensitive records, which is why it is quite significant for organizations to make sure that privacy and security settings are organized appropriately.

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