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Cyber Attack on Bank of Valletta Suspends Entire Operations

Hackers breached Maltese Bank of Valletta and it had immediately suspended entire operations temporarily to minimize threat causes and evaluated its systems. The bank shut down its branches all over the island, moreover the ATM services, internet and mobile banking were disabled. They warned their customers to prevent using Bank of Valletta cards for payments purposes in any online stores, restaurants, or hotels etc.

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Approx. 2.2 Billion User Accounts Compromised

Сollections # 2-5 is energetically scattered on attacker torrent and forums pursuers. Unspecified accumulated an unmatched archive of approximately 2.2 billion specific user names, passwords and spread it to attacker torrent  and forums pursuers, composes the publication Wired. The 845 GB data-set, entitled Collections # 2-5, comprises of 25 billion records, thrice more than the Collection # 1 archive discovered in the mid of January of running year. Chris Rowland, the IoT specialist, who made the torrent files’ archive, the database is so far energetically spread to underground forums. As per his mentioned information, the archive administers more than 130 individuals, and it has been downloaded so far over a thousand times.

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Information of Employees Compromised in Airbus Violation

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus disclosed on Wednesday that information data on many of its company employees was compromised in an attempt of a data violation. It was discovered in an action of intruding on systems related with its Commercial Aircraft business as per stated by the company. However, it was claimed that the incident has not influenced its regular commercial operations at all.

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DarkHydrus Group Leverage Google Drive in Recent Threats

Palo Alto Networks security analysts state that the DarkHydrus danger group has added new practicality to the payloads employed in fresh threats and is also using Google Drive for Command and Control aims. Primarily information in the summer of 2018, when it was employing open-source tools in threats marking government institutions in the Middle East. The DarkHydrus group was also listing typo-squatting domains for technology or security vendors and using novel file sorts as anti-analysis methods.

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Discovered 773 Million Records in Enormous Data Violation

Troy Hunt, Australian web security professional reveals a recently noticed set of affected login data includes approximately 773 million email ids. The web security professional, who is a Microsoft Regional Director, has been keeping a data violation search website for years that permits users to confirm whether their email ids and passwords have been harmed in openly known data violations.

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Employee Data Reveals in An Attack at NASA Server

NASA – The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has affirmed that one of its servers faced threat through hack in October, with various employee information, comprising social security numbers, revealed to hackers.

NASA states it is presently alerting employees whose data may have been impacted in a statement circulated couple of days ago. An inquiry has already commenced, however NASA states Social Security numbers and various personally detectable data were saved on the cracked server.

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Recent Google+ API Vulnerability Exposed 52.5 Million of Personal Data

Google identified a new vulnerability in the GPlus People API revealing the personal data of about 52.5 million pursuing a software update which was introduced this November 2018.

“With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs; this will occur within the next 90 days,” said David Thacker, G Suite Product Management VP. “In addition, we have also decided to accelerate the sunsetting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019.”

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Quora Experiences Revelation of Encrypted User Names, Emails, Passwords

Quora declared a database violation incident which guided to the understanding of abruptly hundred million personal information of the users, ranging from customers’ names and email addresses to encrypted passwords and the direct messages.

“We first learned of the issue on November 30. Upon learning about the issue, we immediately launched a comprehensive investigation and remediation effort,” says Quora’s breach notification.

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FIFA Under Cyber-Attack, Disclosing The Data

The Federation Internationale de Football Association – FIFA, again faced the Cyber-Attack. The world governing body of soccer accepted that it had been hacked again previous week. The initial cyberattack, was occurred back in 2017 which led to the publication of footballers’ let down drug tests; was allocated to the Russian hacking group, Fancy Bear, which is also famous as APT28.

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