Bugs Influencing Top-Selling Netgear Routers Exposed

Trustwave, a security firm, has revealed the details of several susceptibilities upsetting Netgear routers, containing devices that are top-selling products on Amazon and Best Buy. The bugs were exposed by researchers in March 2017 and they were fixed by Netgear in August, September and October.

One of the high serious susceptibilities has been defined as a password retrieval and file access problem influencing 17 Netgear routers and modem routers, containing best-sellers likely R6400, R7000 (Nighthawk), R8000 (Nighthawk X6), and R7300DST (Nighthawk DST).

Trustwave, the web-server shipped with these and other Netgear routers has a resource that can be misused to acquire files in the device’s source directory and further locations if the path is recognized. The revealed files can store administrator usernames and passwords, which can be influenced to improve comprehensive switch of the device.

An unauthenticated cyberpunk can exploit the error distantly if the remote managing feature is permitted on the targeted device. Unsuitably implemented cross-site demand forgery (CSRF) defenses may also permit remote threats. Additional high serious error influencing 17 Netgear routers, containing the aforementioned best-sellers, can be oppressed by a cyberpunk to bypass confirmation using a particularly crafted request. Trustwave said the susceptibility can be effortlessly exploited.

A bug that can be oppressed to implement random OS commands with root privileges without verification has also been categorized as high serious. Trustwave stated command injection is probable through a manacled threat that contains a CSRF token retrieval susceptibility and other weaknesses. But they have been valued medium serious and they only distress six Netgear router models two other command injection susceptibilities have been found by Trustwave researchers.

One of the errors require confirmation, but professionals figured out that a cyberpunk can perform random commands after avoiding verification using the aforementioned confirmation avoid susceptibility. The additional medium serious command injection is associated to the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). When a customer presses the WPS button on a Netgear router, an error reasons WPS user to be permitted to run random code on the device with source rights during the setup method.

 “In other words, if an attacker can press the WPS button on the router, the router is completely compromised,” Trustwave said in an advisory.

Netgear has placed many exertion into obtaining its products, particularly since the introduction of its flaw bounty program one year ago. The company issued more than 180 security advisories defining susceptibilities in its routers in 2017, gateways, extenders, access points, managed switches, and network-attached storage (NAS) products.

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