Monthly Archives: March 2019

Review on Last Week’s Security Threats

Past week’s major security threats are being reviewed as to present them to our esteemed readers and to bring such alarming threats to their notice which have occurred the previous week. We are playing specific role in bringing these security threats to the readers precisely and to let them know well that what had happened the previous week.

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Microsoft Fixes Two Major Vulnerabilities Exploited in Intended Threats

Updates on Microsoft’s Patch mentioned over sixty flaws, containing two Windows ZeroDay vulnerabilities that have been employed in intended threats. CVE-2019-0808 is one of the ZeroDays, which Threat Analysis Group of Google had reported to Microsoft soon after observing it being employed in aimed threats alongside a ZeroDay influencing Chrome.

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Google Fixes Crucial Bluetooth RCE Vulnerability

Google has documented forty five vulnerabilities in its March update with eleven ranked crucial and thirty three were rated high. Eleven of the crucial Android vulnerabilities were fixed as portion of March Security Update of Google. Three of them were bound to media framework of Android and core system, while the remaining were concerned to inaccurate Qualcomm chip elements.

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