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Previous Week’s Review on Security Vulnerabilities

Here is a review over previous week’s major security flaws that hindered several organizations. The readers may have the opportunity to read them again some of the major threats that encountered last week. If anyone had missed the security news previously, can get a review over the vulnerabilities that took place and have influenced individuals in different ways. Just check out as mentioned below:

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New Apple Fixes To Install, Plug ins Available For iPhone, iPad, iPod

Apple has released a handful of software fixes to state security flaw in macOS, iOS, and different peripherals. The circular updates contains a large number of patches for crucial vulnerabilities in FaceTime, WebKit, Mac and iThing kernels. The modification for iOS handhelds is invoiced as iOS 12.1.3. It utilizes to iPhone 5s and the newer versions, iPad Air, and iPod Touch 6th generation and newer devices. Continue reading

Data Breach Strikes 15K BevMo E-commerce Users

BevMo, the alcohol retailer revealed to the office of the California Attorney General that its website was breached, compromising the credit card information of about 15,000 users.

The website is carried off by NCR Corp., which identified a harmful code which was added on the website checkout page by a non-official attacker who acquired access, siphoning user’ names, debit  or credit numbers, their expiry dates, phone numbers, email addresses, CVV2 codes, shipping and billing addresses.

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Prominent Phishing Attacks Enterprises Need to Know

Phishing is the motive of sending unlawful or swindling communications that become visible to approach from a famous source. It is commonly done through email which has been practiced widely across the world. The main motive in this act is to steal highly sensitive information such as credit card, debit card and login information of accounts, or even to install malware on the system of the victim. Phishing is a general kind of cyber threat that everyone should acquire information about it so as to safegurad themselves.

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Employee Data Reveals in An Attack at NASA Server

NASA – The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has affirmed that one of its servers faced threat through hack in October, with various employee information, comprising social security numbers, revealed to hackers.

NASA states it is presently alerting employees whose data may have been impacted in a statement circulated couple of days ago. An inquiry has already commenced, however NASA states Social Security numbers and various personally detectable data were saved on the cracked server.

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Microsoft Urges to Patch the 0-day Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced an out-of-band modification on Wednesday for its web browser, Internet Explorer fixes a zero-day bug victimized by harmful hackers in marked threats. Microsoft has recognized Clement Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group for documenting the bug, however neither Microsoft nor Google have stated any information associated the threats involving the vulnerability.

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Code Implementation Bug in SQLite Impacts Chrome, and Software

Numerous applications employing the famous SQLite Database Management System could be revealed to threats due to a possibly critical bug that can lead to distant code implementation, information revelation, and Denial of Service threats. The bug was identified by analysts of the Blade Team based at China-based internet giant Tencent. The professionals have titled the bug “Magellan” and they demand it impacts any piece of software that employs Chromium or SQLite – Chromium believes on WebSQL, which is rooted on SQLite.

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Various Flaws Fixed With The Announcement of WordPress 5.0.1

On Thursday, WordPress developers released the availability of WordPress version 5.0.1 of the Content Management System, which states various sorts of flaws.

Tim Coen, the researcher has detected various Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities in WordPress, containing one reasoned by the capability of contributors to modify the new comments from customers along with higher advantages. He also identified that a particularly crafted URL input can be employed for Cross-Site Scripting threats – this issue merely influences few plugins.

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