The US government has issued a security alert warning of possible acts of terrorism and cyber-attacks that could be conducted by Iran in the wake of a top general’s killing by the US army on Friday.
The warning is in the form of an occasional NTAS (National Terrorism Advisory System) alert, of which the US government has dispensed only a few since 2011 when the system came into effect.
The website of the Federal Depository Library Program was swapped with a page titled “Iranian Hackers!” that showed images of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Iranian flag.
“Martyrdom was (Soleimani’s)… reward for years of implacable efforts,” read a graphic depicting US President Donald Trump being punched by a first emanating from Iran as missiles fly by.
“With his departure and with God’s power, his work and path will not cease and severe revenge awaits those criminals who have tainted their filthy hands with his blood and blood of the other martyrs,” it said.
“This is only small part of Iran’s cyber ability!” another caption on the page read in white text on a black background.
The murder of Soleimani in a drone strike in Iraq early Friday carried an angry vow of vengeance from Tehran.
Dubbed as the second most powerful man in Iran, Soleimani supervised extensive interferences in regional power struggles.
US president Donald Trump has said Soleimani was planning an impending attack on US personnel in Baghdad.
The president has cautioned that Washington is targeting 52 places in Iran and will hit them “very fast and very hard” if the Islamic republic attacks American workers or properties.

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