Global cybersecurity safeguards the infrastructure of international initiatives and economies, ensuring the prosperity and security of citizens globally. With the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things devices, and a sharp rise in connectivity and usage of cloud services, events related to cybersecurity such as hacking, data breaks, and infrastructure fiddling have become too prevalent.

Global cybersecurity meetings are an opportunity for stakeholders to deal with these issues and come up with policies to protect against attacks and spread knowledge on new cybersecurity policies and actions.

Benefits of Attending a Cybersecurity Conference

Conferences are a vital part of any industry, which let you meet and network with your peers in a casual setting, increase your professional network and stay on top of all the latest trends and ideas in your industry. Some of the other key benefits of attending a cybersecurity conference include:

  • Education on new technologies
  • Outreach
  • New strategies
  • Pricing information
  • Giving back and sharing of knowledge
  • Finding new talent
  • Case studies

Top 10 cybersecurity and infosec conferences in 2020


Founded in 1993, DEF CON is one of the most famous cybersecurity conferences, bringing together budding and pastime hackers, security scientists and specialists, journalists, government employees, and anyone interested in hacking and cybersecurity act. The 2020 DEF CON is slated to be held between 6 and 9 August at the New Caesars Forum, Harrah’s, Linq & Flamingo Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

2. Black Hat USA

Black Hat Briefings, or simply Black Hat, is another major cybersecurity conference for infosec professionals. Founded in 1997, Black Hat has an impressive history and is a more professional cyber security event. Regarded as one of the most significant security conferences ever, the conference gathers infosec specialists and experts, hackers, industry leaders, executives and government organizations. The conference was held from august 1 to August 6 at Mandalay Bay Convention Center Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

3. Black Hat Asia

This conference is an extension to Black Hat USA, held yearly in Singapore. A number of experts throng the Marina Bay Sands to hear the excellent talks organized here. The event has been rescheduled between September 29 and October 2 at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore. Participants will be enlightened about the new challenges professionals face in the cybersecurity realm.

4. RSA Conference

The largest cybersecurity conference in the world, RSA Conference is a yearly event focused on helping improve cybersecurity cognizance and cybersecurity ethos in organizations, and increasing this knowledge in people across the world. An event that has been held for over 30 years, RSA conference draws tens of thousands of people each year from every industry to learn about cybersecurity enterprise or to network with one of the many vendors in presence.

The conference and its speakers share a mission of advising companies to make practical cybersecurity decisions. Due to the many different areas of knowledge represented by its attendees, it’s a remarkable occasion to interact with peers and vendors. The 2020 event was held in February at Moscone Center San Francisco, CA, USA.

5. BSides Cyber Security Event

Another important cybersecurity event, BSides Security, or BSides, is held in many different sites globally as a one- or two-day event. Irrespective of where you reside, you can attend the conference anywhere you want. This is a more community-centric conference than the others, always open to new coordinators who are eager to bring this event to their place. Due to its community, BSides lets security specialists meet in a casual and friendly environment and provides many people the chance to present their thoughts and findings. The debate and talks give the audience an opportunity to engage with speakers more willingly than they could at the more prominent conferences, giving the event an easy, close-knit feel.

6. Troopers IT Security Conference

Based in Heidelberg, Germany, this security conference comprises two-day training and a two-day session where several IT and security experts from around the globe gather to discuss current topics regarding IoT, IPv6 security, and general IT security. One of the chief focuses of this conference is that their interest lies not in product advertising and meeting vendors but in dealing with the industry’s hot security issues. For this reason this IT conference is well worth attending.

7. SANS Series

Sponsored by the SANS Institute, SANS Series conducts several events around the globe. It’s dedicated to presenting practical infosec training, case studies and certificates and is led by top security experts. This cyber security conference lets you interact with other security specialists, increase your knowledge and skills in the industry, discuss new skills and techniques, leaving with a certificate. The visions provided in the summit are of a practical nature, helping you learn about new technologies you can essentially apply in your job or company. SANS doesn’t believe in squandering your time with useless topics; the discussions and content are full of pertinent examples and situations.

8. ShmooCon

Founded by Shmoo Group, ShmooCon is a long-running and popular hacker conference which is held yearly and includes over 30 security-deriven presentations that deal with security topics concerning new ways of misuse, ground-breaking software and hardware solutions and significant cybersecurity questions. A highly inclusive summit, ShmooCon focuses on anchors who don’t appear at other conferences, giving them a forum to share their ideas and results, and the topics presented are similarly exclusive. One of the conference’s biggest attractions is that you can learn about innovative security solutions that are unheard of and very unique. The 2020 summit was held between January 31 and February 2 at Washington Hilton Hotel Washington, DC, USA.


This cybersecurity conference is very economical thanks to its non-profit and non-commercial nature. The topics discussed at the conference range from IoT, intelligence gathering, health devices, UI, industrial control systems and more. Although it is not a popular entry on the list, the informal feel and tranquil atmosphere in which you can interact with other security experts and hackers make this IT conference a remarkably amazing experience.


Nullon is a remarkable opportunity for everyone in India as well as visitors from around the globe to participate in a truly unforgettable meeting. The conference is a place to argument knowledge about new skills and susceptibilities, where you can test your knowledge in a hacking event called “Desi Jugaad” which invites you to vie with other specialists in cracking real-life hacking encounters. All presentations of the event are available online, so even if you’re unable to attend personally, you can ensure your presence virtually.

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