Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela demanded that a fresh cyber threat had stopped authorities from bringing back power all through the country pursuing a black-out that reasoned chaos.

Mr. Maduro stated the admirers in Caracas that about seventy percent of power had been saved when “we received at midday another cyber attack at one of the generators that was working perfectly and that disturbed and undid everything we had achieved.”

A huge power failure immersed almost the whole country into darkness and while services had surveyed at an irregular intervals in some locations, while others stayed without electricity. The government held liable the outage on US destroyed at the fundamental generator in Guri, in the south of the country, which renders eighty percent of Venezuela with its electricity.

Jorge Rodriguez, the Communications Minister held liable the main blackout on “a cyber attack against the automated control system” at Guri.

Venezuela daily experiences from incomplete outages however the last one was one of the worst and longest in fresh memory and incapacitated most of the country. It reasoned chaos with public services likely transport and water merely grinding to a standstill, even hospitals were affected due to no power.

The opposition stated that dozens of individuals died due to the power failure, a demand refused by Rodriguez. Individuals state that the power problems of Venezuela are due to a shortage of investment in infrastructure the regime of Maduro normally blames outages on outside elements.

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