On Tuesday, technology giant Google released Chrome 86 to the stable channel, and this new release comprises many security improvements and new APIs for developers.

Each new Chrome release typically focuses on a chief theme. For instance, Chrome 84 focused on UI repairs, while Chrome 85 fixated on speed and API enhancements.

Chrome’s new v86 release comes with tons of password and security-related advancements, but also with numerous disapprovals and new APIs also comprised under the hood.

Augmented security on Android and iOS

In Google Chrome 83, Google unveiled a new feature called ‘Safety Check’ that carries out a checkup of the browser and protected data to safeguard it is secure and not affected.

With the release of Chrome 86 Mobile, Google is allowing this feature in the mobile browser.

In May, the search engine behemoth came up with an Enhanced Safe Browser for Desktop users, and they are now unveiling to Android.

With this feature allowed, Chrome for Android users will get real-time safety when browsing the web and downloading files. This augmented security is empowered by Chrome sharing additional information with Google Safe Browsing in real-time to check URLs for malicious activity.

“Among our users who have enabled checking websites and downloads in real time, our predictive phishing protections see a roughly 20% drop in users typing their passwords into phishing sites,” Google stated.

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