ProtonMail encoded email service provider announced on Wednesday last the convenience of a Virtual Private Network – VPN service for users of macOS. The VPN service appreciated a wider launch on Windows previous year primarily introduced for certain of its paid ProtonMail users in 2017 and similarly attained on Android this year in January 2018. Previous year, the CERN-founded firm also announced a Tor hidden service and an encoded contacts manager.

Following a beta testing period,

The Swiss-based service provider is now creating the VPN application accessible for all macOS users, permitting them to effortlessly defend their Internet connections. Users previously having accounts created on a ProtonVPN or ProtonMail simply require to download the application, log in, and begin using it instantly.

Developed by the same team behind ProtonMail,

The VPN service proceeds with benefit of technologies likely Secure Core and Tor incorporation and is accessible for free without the ads. Additionally, the firm privileges that customers can appreciate it without disturbing about malware or monetization of client’s data.

“With our VPN for Mac application, it is now extremely simple to switch countries, create custom profiles, connect to the Tor network, and route your traffic through our Secure Core servers. Not to mention all the essential perks of ProtonVPN, like hiding your IP address, defending against cyber-attacks, and unblocking censored content,” ProtonMail says.

Users selecting for the free proposal get unrestricted bandwidth and access to the servers in three regions. Upgrade choices are also offered for those who are looking to advance access to more servers and additional structures. The company states that over the last few months many clients of the ProtonMail community have demanded for the macOS app. The VPN service provider has functioned firmly with over ten thousand beta testers to report flaws in the application and make sure it is not only effortless to employ, however likewise visually striking.

The macOS app additionally takes assistances of the advanced IKEv2 protocol for innovative presentation, carrying a quicker and firmer connection to the customers with its capability speeds of more than 300 Mbps, underneath the exact conditions.

The customers will be capable to effortlessly connect to any region with a single click, to select from the accessible Secure Core servers, Tor servers, and P2P servers, and to generate and protect custom connection profiles. A VPN kill change is also accessible, planned to cut the Internet if the connection to the VPN drops, consequently avoiding data from leaking when the VPN is not connected.

“More people are starting to wake up to the fact that privacy matters, and it is important to make tools like VPN widely accessible, especially for the over 1.5 billion people around the world who live under Internet surveillance and censorship,” Dr. Andy Yen, CEO of ProtonMail, said in a statement.

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