Quora Experiences Revelation of Encrypted User Names, Emails, Passwords

Quora declared a database violation incident which guided to the understanding of abruptly hundred million personal information of the users, ranging from customers’ names and email addresses to encrypted passwords and the direct messages.

“We first learned of the issue on November 30. Upon learning about the issue, we immediately launched a comprehensive investigation and remediation effort,” says Quora’s breach notification.

Quora detected that a third party who succeeded to acquire access to its calculating systems understood the database of an undefined number of users, along with few of them affected more than others. The awareness sharing platform informed the influenced users about the security disturbances and will also supply future information pointing out new updates it discovers about the violation through email.

“We have engaged leading digital forensic and security experts and launched an investigation, which is ongoing,” also said Quora. “We have notified law enforcement officials.”

The data violation revealed the user account details of the customers’ names, email ids, and their encrypted passwords according to the violation vigilant published for the help on Quora’s website. The data imported from associated networks when permitted by customers, and publicly opened  user content and activities likely comments, questions, and up-votes.

“Impacted users logged out, reset passwords prompts to be displayed on next login attempt”

Moreover, the hackers were besides capable to access private user-created content likely direct messages to other customers, answer demands, and down-votes.

Quora also affixed that “Questions and answers that were written anonymously are not affected by this breach as we do not store the identities of people who post anonymous content.”

The understanding sharing platform also mentioned that the threat of individuality stolen for influenced customers pursuing this security disturbance is negligible granted that the crucial personal data such as credit card or social security details was not gathered from its customers.

Quora also logged out the entire influenced customers, inducing them to fix their passwords on the future login attempt. For the customers that haven’t acquired a password reset instant message, Quora also offers a “How do I change or reset my password on Quora?” assistance page for their customers.

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