SAP Fixes Serious Flaw in HANA Transmitted Analytics

SAP announced its November 2018 set of security fixes current week, which contain eleven new Security Patch Day Notes, along with three updates for formerly published. Security Notes of running month contain five notes rated High, a Hot News note, and abuot eight notes believed to be at Medium risk.


The most significant of the Notes (CVSS score of 9.9) states two flaws in the Spring Framework library employed by SAP HANA Streaming Analytics, trailed as CVE-2018-1275 and CVE-2018-1270. The distant command implementation problem could be employed for unapproved code implementation, permitting a hacker to acquire absolute files and directories situated in a file system of SAP server, ERPScan, a firm that alters in saving Oracle applications and SAP.

Another critical SAP security note (CVSS score 8.6) released this month addresses four vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-2488, CVE-2018-2491, CVE-2018-2489, and CVE-2018-2490) in the SAP Fiori Client for Android, the native mobile application used for communication with the SAP Fiori server.

The vulnerabilities comprises of a Denial of Service matter, a distant HTML injection bug, missing authority checks, and details revealing, Onapsis, which also diversified in preventing SAP  and Oracle programs. A fifth flaw (CVE- 2018-2485) interrupts sandboxing of Android, permitting a hacker to execute absolute works via a harmful application marking the flaw, without inducing a due process to the customer.

“An attacker could remotely control his malware, to exfiltrate sensitive devices contents, like all phone contacts, all calendar schedule, pictures, SAP system configuration file, and cookie sessions. This information can be used to develop more critical attacks or spying on end users, retrieve date and time of an important meeting, record audio during this interval and exfiltrate the audio file,” Onapsis says.

SAP also stated a Denial of Service in SAP Mobile Secure Android Application, which is not the re-named SAP Afaria Android client. A harmful app could mark the flaw to crash SAP Mobile Secure without individual action.

Other significant Security Notes accomplished current month address a Denial of service in Web Intelligence Richclient 3 Tiers Mode (CVE-2018-2473) and Zip Slip in SAP Disclosure Management (CVE-2018-2487). SAP also stated a matter along with holding advantages by user transaction code (CVE-2018-2481).

The Medium threat flaws stated current month affect SAP Basis (TREX/BWA installation), NetWeaver Knowledge Management XMLForms, NetWeaver (forums), BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform, and NetWeaver AS ABAP Business Server Pages.

The implementation bugs and Denial of Service vulnerabilities current month were the most clashed bug kinds. SAP also stated Cross-site Scripting, XML External Entity, distant command implementation, directory traversal, missing authority check, verb tampering, open redirect, and server side request forgery vulnerabilities.

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