Ransomware attacks have seen a surge in the last few years, with cybercriminals targeting web hosting services more frequently than ever. And SmarterASP.NET, the leading web hosting service provider for ASP.net, is the latest victim of a key ransomware attack.

The company has confirmed the news of the attack, explaining that on Saturday cybercriminals managed to hit its network, resulting in the closure of websites owned by its 440,000 customers.

The company is currently working on decrypting the data and executing stricter security solutions to prevent such attacks. It has said that a majority of the websites will be back online as soon as its database servers are restored.

“Once that’s recovered, most of your sites will be up and running already. You will also be able to make DB back up right away on our control panel. We are optimistic that everything will be back to normal no longer than 12-24 hours. We will not go home until everyone is taken care of.”

It’s also worth noting that the attack also hit SmarterASP.NET’s website, and it remained offline the whole the day but was back online on Sunday.

SmarterASP.NET, a world-renowned company, says it operates the world’s top three data centers, offering reliable and flexible support to “mission-critical internet operations.”

Nevertheless, it is still unclear if the company paid the ransom to the cyberthieves or is using backup for restoring the servers.

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