Networking device maker SonicWall has said that it is probing a security break of its internal network after noticing what it termed as a “coordinated attack.”

The company in a short statement said that “highly sophisticated threat actors” targeted its internal systems by “exploiting probable zero-day flaws on certain SonicWall secure remote access products.”

The networking device maker said that the newer SMA 1000 series is not affected as that specific product series is using a different VPN client than NetExtender.

Patches for the zero-day flaw are not available until now.

The company also advised companies to enable two-factor authentication options in its products for admin accounts.

SonicWalls, whose products are often used to secure access to corporate networks, has now become the fourth security vendor to reveal a security break over the past two months after FireEye, Microsoft, and Malwarebytes.

All three preceding companies were breached during the SolarWinds supply chain attack. CrowdStrike said it was targeted in the SolarWinds hack as well, but the attack eluded success.

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