Risky Zero-Day Lets Remote ‘Root’ Hacking of In AT&T DirecTV WVB Devices

Zero-Day Initiative researchers disclose an unfixed serious vulnerability influencing a wireless video bridge employed by DirecTV permits for a cyberpunk to distantly implement code on the susceptible devices. Image Source The security susc15e|fy&86lng7eptibility was revealed in the Linksys WVBR0-25 wireless video bridge, which was planned to couple with the Wireless Continue Reading

Error in Office 365 with Azure AD Connect Which Could Effect in Domain Compromise

The Preempt investigation team has exposed a vulnerability with Microsoft Office 365 when incorporated along with an on-premises Active Directory Domain Services – AD DS, utilizing Azure AD Connect software that unreasonably provides users raised administrator rights, making them “stealthy” administrators. Preempt revealed this astonishing concern was happening when clients Continue Reading

Microsoft Fixes Nineteen Insecure Browser Susceptibilities

Microsoft’s fix Tuesday updates for December 2017 address more than 30 vulnerabilities, containing 19 dangerous errors affecting the organization’s Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. The dangerous susceptibilities are memory exploitation concerns that can be exploited for distant code implementation in the framework of the targeted user. The security and Continue Reading