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Remote Code Execution Flaw Strikes Linux Package Manager

A distant code execution flaw was freshly detected in APT, the high level package manager employed in different Linux arrangements. Trailed as CVE-2019-3462, the software vulnerability could be employed by attackers capable to carry through network Man-in-the-Middle threats to enclose content and have it implemented on the reference machine with base privileges. Harmful package reflects can merely effort the flaw. Continue reading

Microsoft Releases Second Raft of Patches For Windows 10

Microsoft has announced another raft of patches for Windows 10 excitement previous week updates. It has merely issued some patches for its current Windows Insider build. The current tokens of devotion from the crowd at Redmond come in the sort of KB4480967, KB4480976 and KB4480959 respectively, which conceals the 1709, 1703 and 1803 announces of Windows 10.

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Security Flaws Identified in Linux Toolkit

Security biz Qualys has disclosed three flaws in a element of systemd, service manager and a system utilized in most leading Linux distributions. Fixes for the three vulnerabilities CVE-2018-16865, CVE-2018-16864, and CVE-2018-16866, should seem in distro repos soon as a outcome of arranged revelation. But, Linux distributions likely Debian stay defenceless at the moment, relying on the version you got installed.

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Hackers Spoilt All Through DNS Hijack Security Concerns

The community website of was spoilt previous week after some individual acquired access to its peered account of the registrar and altered the crucial DNS settings.

The spoilt page was modified a few times, however it contained an offensive image, racial slurs, and a attempt against the conduct of new Linux kernel developer code. It also displayed links and different place or purposed users to a account of Twitter (@kitlol5) considered to be functioned by the attacker.

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Google Fixes About Fifty Android Flaws Currently This December

Currently, in the first week of December, Google announced a set of some security fixes for Android, to address more than fifty flaws in the mobile operating system.

The most terrible of the security vulnerabilities is a hazardous concern in Media framework that could be victimized by distant hackers to implement absolute code within the context of a advantaged activity, with the support of a particularly crafted file.

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Android Acquires Security Updates with November Fixes

Google released the November edition of its monthly Android security overhaul today, presenting  device makers and carriers a fresh set of fixes to install. Fingers cross the fixes are released to you as soon as possible. The November updates includes patches for three distant code implementation vulnerabilities as well as a number of details revelation and raising of advantage flaws in different core elements of Android.

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Windows Zero-Day Exploit Disclosed on Twitter

A new Microsoft Windows Zero-Day vulnerability was revealed publicly on Twitter by the analyst who disclosed an exploit for a flaw in the Windows Task Scheduler couple of months ago in August. The recently disclosed security bug affects the Microsoft Data Sharing library dssvc.dll, and can be victimized by the hackers who formerly have access to the impacted system.

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