Earlier this month, the personal data of approximately 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users was revealed when an indiscreet database was discovered online.

The database, which anyone can access without the need for a username or password, comprised information such as email addresses, member IDs and payment status.

It is not clear how long the information remained uncovered but Bob Diachenko, the researcher who found it, thinks that anyone could freely access to them for around a week.

Comparitech worked with Bob Diachenko and resolved that the database had been accessible online for at least a week. The researcher informed Adobe about the finding on October 19, and the company replied very fast, obtaining the database the very same day.

Comparitech explains that, while the uncovered data was not mainly sensitive, it still put Adobe customers at risk. The company also says that no credit cards, any passwords, or other payment details were revealed

The information divulged in this leak could be detrimental to the security of Adobe Creative Cloud users, with hackers likely to pose as Adobe or a similar company, hoodwinking users into, for example, leaving additional information.

Adobe still has not offered any comment over the ongoing situation.

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