Apple releases security fixes for iOS, OS X, Safari

Apple on Monday updated both OS X and iOS, patching 19 security vulnerabilities in the former and 44 in the latter. OS X 10.9.4, aka “Mavericks,” and iOS 7.1.2 each contained several non-security fixes as well. Mavericks received 19 patches, 11 of them rated critical with the description that an exploit may be able to execute “arbitrary code,” Apple-speak for the most serious tier of vulnerabilities. The separate Security Update 2014-003 addressed three bugs in Lion and eight in Mountain Lion, the precursors to Mavericks which shipped in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Nine of the 19 Mavericks vulnerabilities — and 8 of the 11 critical flaws — were reported to Apple by Ian Beer, a Google security engineer. <more>

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