Canada-based digital advertising AggregateIQ has been found Source code by the researchers on an insecure domain. The revealed files of the software development company seem to authorize reports of an association between AggregateIQ and Cambridge Analytica. Moreover, the controversial company was already caught in the Facebook data scandal some time ago.

Chris Vickery of cyber risk company UpGuard tripped upon an AggregateIQ subdomain hosting source code for the tools of the company on March 20 last week. The exposed files, saved consuming a custom version of the code source GitLab, were easy to access merely by giving an email address.

The revealed facts contained the source code of tools aimed for establishing information on a great quantity of folks, containing how they are impacted by ads, and pursuing their online happenings. The exposed files likewise included credentials that may have let harmful actors to launch harmful threats. The sort of the revealed code is not astonishing and seeming that the company stated to have established tools employed in political campaigns across the world.

A British political referring and communications company stated Vote Leave campaign to be included in the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the Brexit. AggregateIQ has been associated along with the press and a whistleblower to Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica emanated under fire freshly after it was exposed that it had poised facts from fifty million profiles of the Facebook users and practiced it to produce software designed to expect and effect voters. Facebook has postponed the account of the firm after news circulated, however the social media massive has brought a lot of blame, both from customers and companies.

AggregateIQ was initially inaugurated with the aim of serving Cambridge Analytica according to the reports and its parent firm SCL Group. In a report published the last weekend on its website, AggregateIQ deprived of the reports that it’s share of Cambridge Analytica or SCL. It has similarly deprived of the signing any agreements with the British company and being tangled in any unlawful action. But, there seems to be certain indication that Cambridge Analytica preserves AggregateIQ’s rational property, and the exposed files revealed by UpGuard also appear to display association.

For instance, the two of the AggregateIQ plans whose source code was revealed enclosed the string which is the name of Cambridge Analytica’s platform. The code also comprised a portion of text that may have been employed in phone calls prepared by Ted Cruz fans all through his presidential campaign. The researchers likewise observed that one of the user accounts declared in the revealed files was entitled as SCL which could be an orientation to Cambridge Analytica’s parent firm.

“Taken in full, it remains unclear why what resembles a version of the app Cambridge Analytica promised would be ‘revolutionary’ for the Cruz campaign would be found in the development repository of AggregateIQ,” said UpGuard.

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