Google Fixes About Fifty Android Flaws Currently This December

Currently, in the first week of December, Google announced a set of some security fixes for Android, to address more than fifty flaws in the mobile operating system.

The most terrible of the security vulnerabilities is a hazardous concern in Media framework that could be victimized by distant hackers to implement absolute code within the context of a advantaged activity, with the support of a particularly crafted file.

All four hazardous vulnerabilities were stated in Media framework the running month, along with three High intense flaws. The fixes were comprised in the 2018-12-01 security fix level along with patches for two High threat flaws in Framework and eight vulnerabilities (Two of them Dangerous and six as High severity) in System, for a complete total of seventeen complications.

Among the six hazardous flaws stated in current security fix level, five were distant code implementation flaws and one was an information revelation barrier. The settled High threat vulnerabilities contained privilege elevation, data disclosure, and distant code implementation flaws.

The second portion of December 2018 update of Android, the 2018-12-05 security fix leel, patches thirty-six flaws. Seven at High risk vulnerabilities influenced System and HTC, Qualcomm components, and Kernel while the staying on 29 (Five Hazardous and Twenty-four High intensity) were quoted in Qualcomm obstructed-source factors.

A discrete software overhaul was announced for the Pixel/Nexus gadget devices, to state a Moderate threat flaw in Qualcomm factors.

The overhaul also contains a great number of operational patches, which describe complications that are not concerned to security. The current month, the update modifies the action process of structure unlock, camera, memory, and audio, along with other utility of the Google devices.

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