Past week’s major security threats are being reviewed as to present them to our esteemed readers and to bring such alarming threats to their notice which have occurred the previous week. We are playing specific role in bringing these security threats to the readers precisely and to let them know well that what had happened the previous week.

WordPress 5.1.1 Fixes Distant Code Implementation Flaw

WordPress mentioned a serious vulnerability that could let an unverified striker to bring code distantly and take over the websites of vulnerable. The flaw affects the sort in which comments are filtered out and then are particularly stored in the system’s database, and any WordPress installation preceding to version 5.1.1 with comments that modified is vulnerable.

Microsoft Fixes Two Major Vulnerabilities Exploited in Intended Threats

Updates of Microsoft’s Patch for March 2019 mentioned over sixty flaws, containing two of the Windows Zero-Day bugs that have been made use of referenced threats. One of the major Zero-Days is CVE-2019-0808, which Threat Analysis Group of Google is mentioned to Microsoft after observing it being used in targeted afflictions aboard a Zero-Day impacting Chrome.

FruityArmor, SandCat Threat Groups Utilized Windows ZeroDay

Microsoft has been used one of the Zero-Day bugs fixed in targeted afflictions by diverse risks groups, comprise of the ones recognized as SandCat, FruityArmor and Kaspersky Lab disclosed last week on Wednesday.

Adobe Fixes Vulnerabilities in Sandbox, Photoshop, Digital Editions

Updates on Adobe’s Patch for March 2019 mentions some serious bugs observed by the analysts in the Photoshop CC of company and Digital Editions products. Adobe patched a heap flooding in the Digital Editions ebook reader software that can be used to carry out random code in the context of the ongoing user CVE-2019-7095.

Cyber Threat Stopped Power Restoration in Venezuela

President of Venezuela, Mr. Nicolas Maduro had demanded that a newer Cyberattack had forbidden the authorities from regenerating power across the country pursuing a complete blackout the previous week on Thursday that had reasoned chaos.

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