The review on past week’s security threats is presented to our readers just to draw their attention over alarming threats to cybersecurity which is commonly evolving around us. We are playing prominent role to keep the readers updated and to determine the emerging threats and assist them to be updated let them know what had happened previous week.

ColdFusion Flaw Exploited and Fixed By Adobe

Adobe had announced its out of band modifications previous week for its ColdFusion web application development plan to describe a crucial flaw that has been employed in the wild. The ZeroDay bug, trailed as CVE-2019-7816, has been narrated by the company as a data file upload limitation bypass matter that could advantage to casual code implementation in the context of the ColdFusion.

Patients Suffered By Data Violation in University Medical Center

About forty five thousands patients from Rush University Medical Center had their information disclosed when a third-party worker    wrongly revealed a data file including the information to an unverified individual. The information of patients include their names, date of births, residential addresses, Social Security numbers and health insurance information. But, the hospital officials stated that the information has not been misused.

Google Fixes Vigorously Employed Chrome Flaw

A flaw concerning Google fixed past week in the Chrome browser had been not yet victimized in the wild. Trailed as CVE-2019-5786 and characterizing a high severeness rating, the security flaw is a activity after free in FileReader, the Application Programming Interface that lets web apps to occurring at the same time read the contents of files saved on the computer of the user. The vulnerability was observed by Clement Lecigne of Threat Analysis Group of Google in the last month.

Cisco Fixes Dozens of Critical Vulnerabilities in Nexus Switches

Cisco fixed over two dozens of crucial bugs influencing its Nexus switches past week , including flaws that can be exploited for Denial of Service risks, capricious code implementation, and privilege upsurge. Distinct advisories have been issued by the networking giant for just about each of the vulnerabilities, many of which influence the NX-OS software powering Nexus switches and a some distinct Cisco devices.

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