This week, Bratislava-based cryptocurrency exchange, ETERBASE, revealed a security breach that suggested hackers breached its internal network and stole cryptocurrency funds worth $5.4 million.

Disclosed on Thursday, the incident involved the stealing of several cryptocurrencies from the company’s six hot wallets storing Bitcoin, Ether, ALGO, Ripple, Tezos, and TRON assets.

Hot wallets are cryptocurrency accounts that are aggressively linked to the internet and which ETERBASE was using to power its inter- and intra-currency exchange operations.

The company, in a string of messages posted on its Telegram channel, said it spotted the attack but could not stop it from happening.

However, ETERBASE said it tracked the transactions as they left its wallets, and is presently tracing the pinched funds as they move around their respective blockchains.

The company has also already contacted exchanges where the pilfered funds have come, and it has also informed the law enforcement.

Presently, all transactions on ETERBASE have been deferred until September 10; however, the company said it sought to resume operations and reassured users that it had sufficient reserve funds to continue working.

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