The USA believes that government agencies of the country have defended the cyberattack that Russian intelligence operatives were blamed for. The officials have labeled it as “basic phishing” where hackers used malware emails to prey on the computer system of a foreign government and humanitarian groups. Microsoft admitted that they trusted the emails and believed that automated systems had blocked most of the emails.

The company revealed that no signs of any compromised organizations had been witnessed by the evidence. In a combined effort of American president Joe Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin, they declared that they want it to be confronted diligently and resolved.

According to James Lewis, a senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, this seems like a summit agenda. He mentioned that the president has to make the boundaries clear they can’t do anything they want to because those days are over.

Previously, The United States had criticized Russia and the criminal groups for cybercrimes but refrained to do that in the recent incident. According to Microsoft, the SolarWinds campaign is responsible for the hack which not only breaches private sector organizations but also contaminated software updates.

Moreover, in that case, hackers got access to the accounts that were used for email marketing, in total 3000 email accounts at over 150 different organizations. However, the company has not mentioned the attempts that led to the cyber breach. A campaign was arranged where it was discovered that the government agencies were part of it.

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