Chinese technology behemoth Huawei was affected Thursday with new US criminal charges claiming a years-long struggle to steal business secrets from American companies.

As per the Justice Department, a US indictment opened in New York asserts Huawei and its proxies colluded to embezzle intellectual property from six US companies as part of a plan to grow and become the world’s largest telecom equipment maker.

The new accusations including a federal racketeering charge add to an indictment opened in January 2019 that suspected Huawei stole business secrets from US carrier T-Mobile.

The accusation names Huawei and numerous affiliates, as well as the company’s chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, who has been detained in Canada over a linked probe into Huawei’s violations of US sanctions.

Huawei has been banned by Washington amid fears over its ties to the Chinese government and intelligence services.

The sanctions are meant to block Huawei from getting any US telecom equipment pacts and foil the transfer of American technology to the Chinese firm.

The new 16-count indictment says Huawei used a “long-running practice of using fraud and deception to misappropriate sophisticated technology from US counterparts,” a Justice Department statement said, without naming the American companies.

“Huawei’s efforts to steal trade secrets and other sophisticated US technology were successful,” according to the statement, which said the company “obtained nonpublic intellectual property relating to internet router source code, cellular antenna technology and robotics” to gain an “unfair competitive advantage” over rivals.

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