Login Details of Facebook Sold in Just $2 on The Dark Web

A latest research has exposed that the hackers has sold-out the login details of Facebook on the dark web in just $2.60. The scam report spread out some hours after it was exposed that a important data violation had compromised some fifty million user accounts of Facebook. It won’t be astonishing for quite many people to know that online security credentials are sold-out on the dark web however it may be creating problem that such sold-out login details go for simply a couple of dollars.

A research of Money Guru has also remarked that attacked email login details are being sold-out on the dark web. Anyone with the right web addresses and browser and can approach such marketplaces and buy Facebook and email login credentials. This activity is based on the availability of the login details for sale of the twenty six most frequently used Facebook accounts on the internet.

This activity does not merely stop here. The financial data is also compromised and available in cheap price as well. Informational details of debit and credit card is frequently sold-out for as cheap as $14 and $19.50 respectively. It is certainly manageable to buy complete online identity of the Facebook users in just under $1000. This would contain profiles of social media, accounts of online shopping, and entertainment services etc. The complete data would also contain personal details likely addresses and phone numbers. Thus, it is significantly more than ever before to be superfluous cautious about online security.

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