Recently, Adobe-owned e-commerce platform Magento apprised some Magento Marketplace users that an unlawful third-party had acquired access to their account information.

The company says that the hackers abused a flaw in the Magento Marketplace, which let them access key personal and commercial information.

Magento also says the breach does not affect passwords or payment card data, and asserts that the basic services and products are also not impacted.

The company told customers via email that the breach was exposed on November 21 and the flaw that allowed attackers to gain access to Magento systems has been repaired.

It’s not clear how many users are affected and Adobe has not provided any information on the type of flaw abused in the attack.

The Magento Marketplace was momentarily closed until the issue was addressed, but it’s now back online.

“We take these issues seriously and are committed to helping ensure our platforms are secure. We are reviewing our processes to help prevent these types of events from occurring in the future,” Adobe’s Jason Woosley said in a blog post disclosing the security incident.

One month ago, Adobe conceded that information on Creative Cloud customers was discovered on account of a misconfiguration. Also, no passwords or financial information were discovered in that incident.

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