Here is a review over previous week’s major security flaws that hindered several organizations. The readers may have the opportunity to read them again some of the major threats that encountered last week. If anyone had missed the security news previously, can get a review over the vulnerabilities that took place and have influenced individuals in different ways. Just check out as mentioned below:


Information of Employees Compromised in Airbus Violation

Airbus, the manufacturers of aircraft revealed that the information of employees of the company was compromised in an attack for data violation. It was disclosed in a threat of irrupting on systems associated with its business of Commercial Aircraft as per expressed by the company. It was claimed that the event has not impacted its normal commercial operations at all.

Harmful FaceTime Flaw Affects iPhones and Macs

A dreadful and casual exploitable FaceTime bug allows people to listen on other users of Apple devices through simply calling them and using the service. The vulnerabilities apparently influences Apple and Group FaceTime has answered by creating the remote service until they can forcing out a fix.

WordPress Plugin Impacted By Several Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

A report analyzed by Wordfence security analysts mentioning that the total number of donations of WordPress plugin commercially is affected by various Zero-Day vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited in attacks.

Cisco Fixes Vulnerabilities in Webex, SD-WAN, Anonymous Products

Cisco conveyed the user that security updates are accessible for various products of the organization, including IoT Field Network Director, Firepower,  Webex, SD-WAN, Identity Services Engine and Small Business routers. Just single bug has been identified by the networking giant as critical. Tracked as CVE-2019-1651, the flaw affects the vContainer factor in SD-WAN solution of Cisco and it can be used by a remote, authorized hacker to cause a DoS condition and probable to utilize arbitrary code with based privileges.

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