The White House announced on Wednesday that some of the top technology firms of the United Stated have pledged to invest billions of dollars to improve cybersecurity infrastructure and to train workers.

The meeting in which President Joe Biden also participated, was held during a persistent stretch of ransomware assaults that have targeted important defenses, in addition to other illegal cyber operations that U.S. authorities have associated to foreign threat actors.

The US government has been asking the private sector to play its role to boost cybersecurity defenses against those highly sophisticated attacks which President Biden referred to as a “core national security challenge” for the United States.

“The reality is most of our critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, and the federal government can’t meet this challenge alone,” Biden said. “I’ve invited you all here today because you have the power, the capacity and the responsibility, I believe, to raise the bar on cybersecurity.”

Following the meeting, the White House announced that Google had pledged to invest $10 billion in cybersecurity over the next five years, while Microsoft committed a staggering $20 billion. IBM said it would train 150,000 people in cybersecurity over three years, and Apple seeks to develop a new program to help enhance suppl chain.

The Biden administration has found ways to protect the government’s supply chain in the wake of a Russian government cyberespionage drive that abused flaws and gave threat actors access to the networks of U.S. government agencies and private firms.

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