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Quora Experiences Revelation of Encrypted User Names, Emails, Passwords

Quora declared a database violation incident which guided to the understanding of abruptly hundred million personal information of the users, ranging from customers’ names and email addresses to encrypted passwords and the direct messages.

“We first learned of the issue on November 30. Upon learning about the issue, we immediately launched a comprehensive investigation and remediation effort,” says Quora’s breach notification.

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FIFA Under Cyber-Attack, Disclosing The Data

The Federation Internationale de Football Association – FIFA, again faced the Cyber-Attack. The world governing body of soccer accepted that it had been hacked again previous week. The initial cyberattack, was occurred back in 2017 which led to the publication of footballers’ let down drug tests; was allocated to the Russian hacking group, Fancy Bear, which is also famous as APT28.

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A Cyber-crime of $6.5 Million Attempted Over BankIslami

Banking system of Pakistan has become a victim of cyber-crime once again. The sources declare that BankIslami is the merely bank that has been impacted in the recent threat that occurred previous weekend on Saturday.

Online users and ATM cardholders of BankIslami stated some irregular action and noted massive unauthorized transactions done internationally earlier on Saturday. However, The bank denies  entirely about the figure mentioned by the VISA, international payment provider, and other industry sources which are actually approximated about $6 million to $6.5 million.

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Login Details of Facebook Sold in Just $2 on The Dark Web

A latest research has exposed that the hackers has sold-out the login details of Facebook on the dark web in just $2.60. The scam report spread out some hours after it was exposed that a important data violation had compromised some fifty million user accounts of Facebook. It won’t be astonishing for quite many people to know that online security credentials are sold-out on the dark web however it may be creating problem that such sold-out login details go for simply a couple of dollars.

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Various Flaws Exploited in Immense Facebook Hack

Facebook has stated extra information about the attacker threat impacting some fifty million accounts, containing technical details and what its inquiry has exposed as yet. The social media platform stated the harmful actors exploited a flaw associated to the “View As” feature on Friday in order to sneak access tokens that could have been advantaged to hi-jack accounts.

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