Apple is facing hardships of zero-day attacks that continued to happen this week along with the addition of another serious issue impacting iPhones and subsequently, compromising the quality of Apple products such as iPads, macOS devices, and iPhones.

The news of the newest compromise reached the world by the advisory from Apple which is a one-liner mentioning that security flaws of WebKit have been abused on two Apple devices i.e MacOs computers and iPhones. Subsequently, the advisory mentioned that they require document fixes to repair the issue.

Moreover, keeping the concern in mind, the latest iOS/iPadOS 14.5.1 has put forward some of the essential vulnerabilities to consider

For WebKit (CVE-2021-30665), the malicious web content has resulted in arbitrary code execution. Apple is well informed of the vulnerability report that this problem has been exploited from time to time. Memory corruption is also reported and dealt with by the management of the system.

For WebKit (CVE-2021-30663), the computation of distasteful web content may cause arbitrary code execution. The overflow can enhance the input validation that can be addressed. Apple knows the details of the report of this issue and is aware that they have been corrupted and exploited.

Alongside that, there is a new advisory for the which has registered total of two issues on macOS. The same advisory suggests the Apple franchise to instantly upgrade to macOS Big Sur 11.3.1 for future security and development.

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