According to reports, South Korean giant, LG Electronics, has been allegedly hit by Maze ransomware operators.

Although no details of the attack are available yet, the hackers divulged that they had made off with exclusive information for projects involving large American companies.

Like many others, Maze ransomware publishes information about their victims when their ransom demands are not acceded or contact with the breached entity stops.

In a press release issued on Monday, the hackers said that they would provide information on a suspected LG Electronics breach and the source code they made off with.

When asked how many devices were coded, the Maze operators responded by saying that this “information currently is private and will be provided only to Lg negotiators.”

However, in a new entry on their data leak site on Thursday, they published alleged proofs of their attack on the South Korean behemoth, including a screenshot of a file listing from a Python code source.

Since Wednesday morning, multiple LG Electronics email addresses were contacted for a comment on this alleged attack but the company did not bother to respond.

When sending an email to one email address listed publicly for general media inquiries and corporate communications, an automated reply was received suggesting that the message could be sent because the user does not exist.

There is no information on how Maze managed to breach LG Electronics’ network but early access approaches used by the hacker include linking via an unprotected remote desktop connection and pivoting to treasured hosts via compromised Domain Administrator accounts.

Some businesses that fell victim to a Maze ransomware attack also had susceptible systems accessible over the public internet.

Irrespective of how they managed to intrude, Maze is well-known for publishing pilfered files if they don’t reach a contract with their victims for a ransom payment.


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